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Steam for Linux Sale

It's Tux...and things.

Valve is holding a Steam for Linux Celebration Sale! 50-80% off on all Linux games, till 21 Feb, 10 AM PST. Lots of games on that list. Not only that, but it's easier than ever to install Steam on Ubuntu, because Steam is now available in the Ubuntu repos! You can even install it from the Ubuntu Software Center. No scary terminal emulator to scare away new users.

I know what will attract many people to at least install Steam on Linux once is this little fella. That's right.  You get an in-game penguin item in Team Fortress 2 if you play it on Linux before the end of the month. It sounds silly, but TF2 players are silly people, and I know this will drive many of them to install Ubuntu just to get whatever this is.


I'm glad Valve is pushing Steam for Linux aggressively. I think targeting Ubuntu is a smart choice as well. However, if they are successful (and I hope they are), this means many, many new and possibly computer illiterate users coming from Windows. I hope the community can accommodate them with patience.

Ubuntu Linux is a great desktop OS. One of the communities that hasn't adopted it is gamers. I'm glad Valve is reaching out to them. If you're one and you haven't given it a whirl, maybe it's time to install Ubuntu & Steam and consider reformatting your Windows partition.

I promise you everything will go better than expected:




How to Play Cave Story + on Linux Steam


If you redeem the Cave Story + code from the HumbleBundle on Steam, you won't get the Linux version.

Here's what you do:

  1. Download and install the game from the HumbleBundle website
  2. Add the game as a short-cut on Steam via the "Add a non-steam game" option
  3. Then delete the short-cut, the game will appear as a downloadable Linux game on Steam as a part of your Linux library.
  4. But, if you download it, and try to play it, it just says "executable missing":
  5. So: merge the folder you installed which is in /opt, assuming that's where you installed it, with ~/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/Cave Story+/

There, you can now play Cave Story + on Steam.

EDIT: With the small limitation that achievements won't work.


Steam coming to Linux

If you play PC games you've probably already heard that Valve has announced that they are developing Steam for Linux. Specifically, Valve will support Ubuntu and leave it to the community to port it to other distros. This has been in the rumor mill for over a year. I'm looking forward to playing Team Fortress 2 on my Linux boxes.

I don't have anything to add to this news, but I figured it was worth mentioning.