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Richard Stallman inducted to the Internet Hall of Fame


Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman today joins the ranks of notable individuals who have been inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame for their significant contributions to the advancement of the global Internet.

Isn't it strange that just a few months ago, every mention of RMS was accompanied by voices decrying what many termed his paranoia and mistrust of government, yet now, if anything, his warnings seem almost innocently naive compared to what was truly going on.

Congratulations RMS, the honor is well deserved.

Full story here:

Other inductees listed here:

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Virtual Richard Stallman

vrms is a package that will analyze the set of currently-installed packages on a Debian-based system, and report all of the packages from the non-free and contrib trees which are currently installed.

Just run this command and you can find out what software you have on your system that doesn't respect your freedom!

$ vrms

Here's the output on my Debian laptop:

                Non-free packages installed on x200

firmware-iwlwifi                    Binary firmware for Intel PRO/Wireless 3945 and 802.11
skype                               Wherever you are, wherever they are

                Contrib packages installed on x200

flashplugin-nonfree                 Adobe Flash Player - browser plugin

  2 non-free packages, 0.2% of 1164 installed packages.
  1 contrib packages, 0.1% of 1164 installed packages.

It's like having a little rms right on your command line!

To find out more about Richard Stallman and his political views, go to his personal page: