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UbuntuGNOME Remix Released

UbuntuGNOME Remix 12.10 has been released! There are torrents and mirrors if you want a fresh install, and upgrade instructions if you just want to install the ubuntu-gnome-desktop alongside Unity and whatever else you have installed. Of course, you need Ubuntu 12.10 first.

If you dare install 12.10 so close after it's release, give it a try. I will be waiting for the major show-stopping bugs to be ironed out. In the meantime, check out these reviews:

World of Gnome - UbuntuGNOME Remix Review
WebUpd8 - UGR Review


Unity Panel in Gnome-Shell

One of my favorite things about Unity is the global menu. By "global menu" I mean the feature that combines the title bar and menu of the currently maximized application into the left side of the top panel. It saves screen space and very clean-looking.

I also like how the notification area is in the top right in Unity, instead of having its own ugly bottom panel that autohides like in Gnome-shell.

Well, it's possible to use Unity's top panel in Gnome-shell! Just run:


You'll also want to move gnome-shell's top panel to the bottom with an extension. Panel Settings will do the trick.

Clearly we're not done. Now the normal gnome-shell panel is on the bottom but it still does much of what our Unity-2d-panel does. You'll have to either hide it, or give it different functionality using gnome-shell extensions. I leave that up to you.

Be warned that Unity2D will be deprecated in Ubuntu 12.10.


How To Install Gnome 3 in Ubuntu 11.10

Alright, you hate Unity, but you still like Ubuntu. Try Gnome 3 (aka Gnome Shell)! Here's how to install it:

sudo apt-get install gnome-shell

Now just set Gnome as your default DE.Here's how (in case you need directions):

Reboot and on the login screen, there is a little settings icon (looks like a gear) next to the username. Click that icon, and select GNOME from the list, and then login. There! Now Gnome 3 is your default DE.