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Fix GRUB with Boot-Repair

If you've ever done something to clobber GRUB (like installing Windows 8 or modifying your UEFI settings), then you know how much of a pain it can be to repair the damage.

Boot-Repair is a tool that will fix those mistakes with a single click. It generally just re-installs GRUB, but it has many options and settings that allow it to do more. It also generates output that is useful for asking for help from forums if it doesn't solve your problem outright.

The Ubuntu Community page on Boot-Repair explains how to use it. But the idea is you either boot from a LiveUSB or LiveCD that already has Boot-Repair installed, or you boot from a LiveUSB that has at least 128 MB of free space and install Boot-Repair. It is not in the official Ubuntu repositories yet, so you have to install from a deb or the PPA.