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bro pages: an improvement on man pages

bro pages are a highly readable supplement to man pages.
bro pages show concise, common-case examples for Unix commands.


Reset or Change Terminal Background

Sometimes if you use vim in a virtual terminal with a color scheme with more than a 256 color pallet, you will have some ugly results:
debian-2013-08-02 14_46_17-
Even worse, those ugly colors may stick around after vim has exited. This is because a virtual terminal is essentially a state machine. When something changes, it has to be explicitly changed back to reverse it:
debian-2013-08-02 14_48_40-

One way to do this is to use the


command. To go back to the normal colors, simply use this command:

$ tput reset

Shutdown from Command line

In order to shut down your system from the command line, use the shutdown command in a virtual terminal or terminal emulator:

$ sudo shutdown -h now

The shutdown command must be invoked with a time to shut down. That's what now is. The -h flag tells the system to power off. For more options, see the man page.

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Infographic: Understanding Debian


Time for another excellent Linux infographic. This one, by Claudio F Filho, explains Debian and it's various versions. It explains the names and purposes of the Stable, Unstable, Testing and Experimental branches of Debian. Something that's not included in the infographic is about Debian's name; it's a portmanteau of the names of the creator of Debian, Ian Murdock, and his wife, Debra. Ubuntu and many other Linux distros are based on Debian, so it may be worth your time to understand it even if you don't use it directly.

If you want to use Debian but aren't confident in you ability to install it, I recommend Crunchbang Linux. They have done most of the work for you, and it's a breeze to install.