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Microsoft Bans GPL From From Windows Market

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Red Hat employee Jan Wildeboer called attention to a change in the Microsoft Application Provider Agreement in his personal blog. He notes that Microsoft has decreed ABSOLUTELY NO (GPLV3-OR-COMPAT-LICENSED) FREE SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS PHONE AND XBOX APPS.

The license specifically mentioned is the GPL, which if allowed would put the onus on Microsoft, as the distributor, to fulfill the requirements of the license even tho it was chosen by a developer. Microsoft is covering their own back here, nothing more imho - they could be up for some serious issues if they cocked up GPL compliance, so they are just not going there.

The other way to look at this is that Microsoft is evil. Or something. Whether or not Microsoft perceives Free software as a threat, I see this as just another example of how sometimes FOSS is just not compatible with Microsoft's view of the computing world. The good news? No one gives a shit about Windows Phone. Besides, enough of this nonsense, and no one will care about Xbox "apps" either. To believe Microsoft can define the relevant landscape anymore is delusional, whether you're Microsoft's lawyers or a Red Hat employee.


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