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Virtual Richard Stallman

vrms is a package that will analyze the set of currently-installed packages on a Debian-based system, and report all of the packages from the non-free and contrib trees which are currently installed.

Just run this command and you can find out what software you have on your system that doesn't respect your freedom!

$ vrms

Here's the output on my Debian laptop:

                Non-free packages installed on x200

firmware-iwlwifi                    Binary firmware for Intel PRO/Wireless 3945 and 802.11
skype                               Wherever you are, wherever they are

                Contrib packages installed on x200

flashplugin-nonfree                 Adobe Flash Player - browser plugin

  2 non-free packages, 0.2% of 1164 installed packages.
  1 contrib packages, 0.1% of 1164 installed packages.

It's like having a little rms right on your command line!

To find out more about Richard Stallman and his political views, go to his personal page:

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