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Virtualization: Gaming on Xen

I've been doing a little reading on virtualization and came across Xen and IOMMU (VT-d) which allows PCI passthrough. Here's a good resource on setting up a Xen hypervisor with a couple guests.

Here's an impressive example of such a set up in action:

Very cool. If I had beefy enough hardware for it, I would definitely set it up like this.


NSA Happenings


The FISC creating troves of new secret law, not interpreting standing statute

GCHQ hoovers every single bit that's routed through the UK

US fucked themselves by making their pawns ground Bolivian head of state plane out of suspicion, sending extradition requests before he's even in the country

Venezuela's extradition treaties with the US contain clauses that allow it to reject requests if it believes they are politically motivated.

NSA recruiters struggle to justify their bullshit

Snowden has been offered asylum by Venezuela, Nicuragua, and Bolivia, seems that private chartered jet from the Datacell guy who supports wikileaks will come in handy:

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