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Richard Stallman inducted to the Internet Hall of Fame


Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman today joins the ranks of notable individuals who have been inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame for their significant contributions to the advancement of the global Internet.

Isn't it strange that just a few months ago, every mention of RMS was accompanied by voices decrying what many termed his paranoia and mistrust of government, yet now, if anything, his warnings seem almost innocently naive compared to what was truly going on.

Congratulations RMS, the honor is well deserved.

Full story here:

Other inductees listed here:

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Kerbal Space Program (Steam) is 33% off this weekend

Kerbal Space Progam is on sale on Steam this weekend!

Normal price: $22.99, this weekend: $15.40

Still in development, but if you like space games and/or causing massive explosions, what's there already is challenging, a lot of fun, and often gorgeous. Bonus: 64-bit version available for Linux.


PRISM Gives Duck-Duck-Go Its Best Week Ever

I've you been following all this NSA leak insanity, you're probably looking for a way to replace Google as a search engine. I recommend Duck-Duck-Go.

Here's an article about how the leaks have contributed to DuckDuckGo's continued success.

Thanks to the National Security Agency leaks and some well-timed media appearances, the private search engine is having its best traffic week ever. Visitors to the site made a record 2.35 million direct searches on Wednesday — a 26 percent increase over the previous week.

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Debian 7 “Wheezy” Released from Testing to Stable

Debian Wheezy is now the stable version. Notable is the inclusion of a version using GNU HURD as the kernel.

Go download it and tell me how it is!