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How to Add Shutdown Shortcut in Ubuntu Unity

I hate that there's no keyboard shortcut for system shutdown in Unity. Here's how to add one:

1. System Settings
2. Keyboard
3. Shortcuts tab
4. Custom Shortcuts
5. Then the little + icon.

You can give it the name "Shutdown", and the command:

gnome-session-quit --power-off --force

, then apply whatever keyboard shortcut you want to it.


Ubuntu GNOME Remix (aka GNOMEbuntu)

GNOMEBuntu Coming Soon

OMGUbuntu reports that the new GNOME-shell spin of Ubuntu has released an alpha.

There isn't much more information about "GNOMEbuntu" aside from what is mentioned in that article. Watch for updates.

Personally, I have both Unity and Gnome-shell installed on most of my machines. I switch between the quite often and as far as DEs go, they are pretty similiar. I haven't decided on a favorite, but I do really love Unity's HUD.