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Vim-like Keybindings in Your Browser

Everyone* loves Vim. I want every interactive application to work like Vim. Keybindings and modes that let you keep your hands on homerow as much as possible and off the damn mouse. Luckily, there are plug-ins for Firefox and Chromium (and Chrome) that accomplish that.

For Firefox, I recommend Vimperator.
For Chromium (or Chrome), I recommend Vimium.

Personally, I prefer Vimperator over Vimium, but I prefer Chromium over Firefox. Vimium isn't perfect, but I'm not moving to Firefox over it.


How to Install uzbl in Ubuntu

Uzbl (pronounced "usable") is a browser that follows the UNIX philosophy - "Write programs that do one thing and do it well. Write programs to work together. Write programs to handle text streams, because that is a universal interface." You can use a mouse or other pointing device, but what I like best about uzbl is that vim-like mode-based input scheme.

What is not browsing, is not uzbl.

To install in Ubuntu:

 sudo apt-get install uzbl 

Run uzbl-browser to run it.


How To Install Gnome 3 in Ubuntu 11.10

Alright, you hate Unity, but you still like Ubuntu. Try Gnome 3 (aka Gnome Shell)! Here's how to install it:

sudo apt-get install gnome-shell

Now just set Gnome as your default DE.Here's how (in case you need directions):

Reboot and on the login screen, there is a little settings icon (looks like a gear) next to the username. Click that icon, and select GNOME from the list, and then login. There! Now Gnome 3 is your default DE.


Humble Indie Bundle 4: on Linux!

I just noticed that the Humble Indie Bundle 4 includes Linux versions of all the games included! Pretty sweet!

EDIT: I am now aware that this is old news. Still exciting to see such prominent Linux support from indie game devs.